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How to Measure

How to Measure

Bianca Georgescu creates custom-made products according to your needs and desires! If the dimensions of your feet are different compared to the standards, please contact us in order to create shoes that suit you perfectly.

1. Place the foot on a sheet of paper (the correct position is standing up). Draw with a pencil the outline of your foot. Hold the pen as shown, tracing the line exactly where the foot touches the paper or you can get a higher number.

2. Measure the distance between the most distant two points: your thumb toe and heel with a ruler. Round the result to 0.5 (for example 22.2 to 22, 30.8 to 31 or 24.4 to 24.5).

3. Measures A and B will be taken for the width of the foot . It is preferable to take measures in the second half the day, because the feet can swell during the day, which could lead to measurement errors. Measure both feet and take the greatest extent.

Please send us your foot dimensions in centimeters when placing an order in the “Order Notes” or at contact@biancageorgescu.ro.

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