• The shoes and sandals are absolutely perfect. Thank you once again! Camelia L.
  • Today I've been wearing these unique, authentic and wonderful shoes for the first time. Thank you Bianca for managing to give color to the walking footsteps, followed by smiles, pleasure and much comfort. I'll come back for new orders 🙂 Oana C.
  • I just wanted to let you know that the shoes made it and they fit!!!! I LOVE them! 🙂 Thanks a million for your patience and brilliant work, I'm so happy! Already thinking about what shoes to get next 😀 Thanks again, Elani N.
  • I wanted to thank you for the bag and the super nice surprise! I'll wear both of them dearly!
  • The ordered boots are not just suitable in size, but also very beautiful. Ana-Maria C.
  • The bag is gorgeous and perfect from all points of view (quality, design etc). Thank you very much for your cooperation and I'm sure I will return with confidence for other products as well. Ana-Maria C.
  • I've received the order. The bag is much more beautiful than I expected. Thank you very much for the gift! We will definitely collaborate in the future and I will recommend you to others! Congratulations for what you're doing! Cosmina P.
  • Warmest thanks, my shoes have arrived and they are beautiful! Crystal S.
  • Your shoes arrived today and I'm very happy. They fit! Always a bit tricky without trying them on. They are fantastic, the color grey is perfect and they are so comfortable! Can't wait till summer is over. THANK YOU! Also for the nice wallet and brochure. Lisa S.
  • Thank you, the shoes are very beautiful and they fit me. I like them very much and I will surely come back for other creations.
  • I have received the sandals yesterday and they are great. Thank you for your creativity and craftsmanship. Also, thank you very much for all the accessories. You did me great joy and I will wear them with pleasure.
  • Amra's boots are absolutely fantastic. They just did my day! Ruxandra B.
  • I have received the products and I am very delighted! The footwear is very comfortable and both shoes and sandals fit well. And the bag I think will become my new favorite bag 🙂 The texture of the leather is very smooth and the print is special. I liked the idea of detachable strap. Thanks a lot for the gift also! I will wear them with love! 🙂 Mihaela S.
  • The shoes arrived and they fit perfectly 🙂 They are very comfortable and I have already worn them a few times (each time they drew glances). Thank you for everything. Anca A.
  • Both models are absolutely incredible. I have only one problem with these wonderful shoes: they are addictive 🙂 Oana C.
  • I will wear them with pride and pleasure especially outside the country, where they will definitely be noticed. I am proud that there are talented women in my country, who do not lack ambition and inspiration. I'll come back with pleasure. Florina B.