Decadence Collection

DECADENCE Collection


Decadence Collection talks about the states of steel structure degradation under the influence of corrosion. It’s a metaphor towards human degradation, both moral and physical, and our obedience to the temporal dimension. But during its course, due to unexpected circumstances, it creates impressive coloristic structures. Submission to time puts us face to face with the inevitable changes that make us unique entities, dynamic and ephemeral.

“I’ve been admiring for some time places affected by weather and time, where corrosion acts on metallic materials to create artistic elements, both in terms of color and structure. I began to investigate this phenomenon in order to retrieve the fusion of colors in drawings. 

The way nature perfectly balances its creation deeply impressed me.” – Bianca Georgescu

“… While exiting the dimensions of the uterine pouch I would have climbed back the umbilical cord, going back to nothingness, into the void, where at least I wouldn’t have known ugliness and tears. I hate the fact that I had known my carnal beginning and, even if I was not shown clemency from the other cosmic, at least I could have been offered the exemption of newness and I could have been left permanently into the notion of biological regression or Tabula Rassa. I would have found myself into a world where sadness is an exotic predilection elevated to the rank of fashion or even a cult… ” – Decay, Nimbus of Mankind