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Qālicheh Collection

Qālicheh Collection


Named “Qālicheh” after the small version of Persian carpets, the collection is inspired by Persian carpets and symbolizes the magic carpet, flying, protective and a religious Muslim instrument. Shoes make you float, so that you lose contact with the environment. Shoes take you where you need to be, just like the flying carpet.

Qālicheh Collection is about leather engravings and laser cuts, 3D prints and detachable accessories, all against the backdrop of spectacular Persian carpets. Besides the use of miniature fabrics and Persian motifs, the shoes have removable accessories so that they can be worn both simple (without accessories), as well as diversely arranged. On the same pair of shoes you can attach more accessories, worn separately or together, making the shoe a versatile object that responds to several types of needs and tastes.

One of the most beautiful places in this world – Marrakesh – is the source of this collection’s inspiration. To be more exact – the documentary “L’amour fou” which portrays the life of Yves Laurent and his beautiful house – Majorelle Garden. From Moroccan architecture to mosaics the journey was relatively short and then, somehow carpets came into picture. Thousands of miniature copies with different models, textures, shapes and colors have created hundreds of possibilities.

“There are people that choose spiritual or abstract concepts. I need something very visual”.  – Bianca Georgescu