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About Bianca

footwear & accessories designer

Unique creations. Quality. Concept.

These are the main elements that define the work of Romanian designer Bianca Georgescu. Specialized in footwear and accessories design, Bianca aims to achieve the perfection only a handmade shoe can deliver. Integrity comes with experience and years in workshops from Bucharest and Milan have ensured the precision and ability to bring design dreams to life.

“I’ve learned to find inspiration in anything: a landscape, an atmosphere, a texture, a story etc. It all depends on which direction you choose to develop that inspirational grain… I have a passion for research and experimentation of new materials and new situations in which you can place unusual materials.” – Bianca Georgescu







You can visit us anytime, but a reservation is required in advance, so please contact us.

Address: Sf. Constantin 27, Bucharest, Romania



Our customers say…

  • The bag is gorgeous and perfect from all points of view (quality, design etc). Thank you very much for your cooperation and I'm sure I will return with confidence for other products as well. Ana-Maria C.
  • Amra's boots are absolutely fantastic. They just did my day! Ruxandra B.
  • The shoes arrived and they fit perfectly 🙂 They are very comfortable and I have already worn them a few times (each time they drew glances). Thank you for everything. Anca A.
  • I will wear them with pride and pleasure especially outside the country, where they will definitely be noticed. I am proud that there are talented women in my country, who do not lack ambition and inspiration. I'll come back with pleasure. Florina B.
  • I have received the products and I am very delighted! The footwear is very comfortable and both shoes and sandals fit well. And the bag I think will become my new favorite bag 🙂 The texture of the leather is very smooth and the print is special. I liked the idea of detachable strap. Thanks a lot for the gift also! I will wear them with love! 🙂 Mihaela S.
  • Warmest thanks, my shoes have arrived and they are beautiful! Crystal S.

Handmade in Romania

Only carefully handmade shoes can come close to perfection, that’s why Bianca’s products are handmade with the help of a few skilled and trustworthy craftsmen. All production is done in her workshop in Bucharest.

Quality above all

Ensuring that the final product is in compliance with our high standards is one of the priorities in Bianca’s workshop. Each stage in the production process is subject to quality control.

Equipped Workshop

In order to produce quality products you need state-of-the-art equipment. Bianca’s workshop is equipped with high tech sewing and thinning machines for leather and a newly acquired laser cutting machine.

Quality Materials

One of the most important aspects of a shoe is the quality of its material, that’s why Bianca focuses on selecting the best materials for the products created in her workshop, using only high quality natural leather.

Custom made shoes

Our feet are all unique and some feet need specially customized shoes. Bianca creates custom made shoes based on your feet dimensions, as well as customized design based on your needs and desires.

After-sales service

Because customer satisfaction is very important for Bianca, she offers full post-sale services for all products on any kind of repairs or modifications that may occur.