Conceptual Rust Inspiration Clutch

Among all products created for Decadence Collection I can honestly say that my absolute favorite is the Kinetic clutch. As usual, the coolest things come out by chance, when you don’t analyze ideas too much, but instead you let them flow and you follow their course.
Having in mind some ideas somewhat different – the idea of overlapping layer for creating three-dimensional effects, silicone printing, laser-cut on wood and the technique of bending the cover through small laser incisions – I tried to put them together, without having a clear picture of what I seek to achieve. I really wanted to experiment laser-cut on metals, this being the basic element for my collection, but I could not find a solution to processing metals in order to obtain the detailed laser-cut I was looking for.
I did have the option to mill the metal, but accuracy would have been limited and the result would have been far from the original idea. The solution came from Fablab Bucharest that recommended the metal corrosion technique. It is a little known technique, rarely used in Romania, but used generally for creating details on small mock-ups.
Of course it sounded perfect for what I wanted to create: corroding metal with perfect accuracy. And this is how I ended up at Mrs. Cristina Craciun’s house, somewhere in Floreasca.
Cristina makes ship mock-ups with rarely encountered details. Her house resembles a mock-up museum, with all kinds of models, small and large, new and old. It was a great experience; she welcomed me like she’d known me for a lifetime and she helped me realized even more than I could have possibly imagined.
Silicone printing is an experiment I did this year, alongside with varnish printing, both used to creating a 3D effect by shifting layers. All these techniques blended together through the common theme: Rust – corrosion of metals.
Beautiful, isn’t it? And even more spectacular is that rust is an art created by nature, we can find it all around us. Besides, it is dynamic, transforming itself into fascinating structures during time. Having such an interesting starting theme, I think it wasn’t very hard to turn the final product into art.

The point when I decided to open my eyes and look around me was essential. All those little things that you overlook or rather you don’t notice, at a closer look proved to be fascinating.

This is the story behind the conceptual rust inspiration clutch.

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