Be Creative Fashion Design Contest

Since I decided that my sister will deal with organizing affairs, I end up in all sorts of “special” situations. This also happened last weekend, when I participated in Be Creative Fashion Fest. This is a fashion design contest held in Sibiu every year. Do you recall those times when everything goes smoothly, when things just match up? This is how we felt that weekend.
Everything felt into place, from accommodation to small stops (Sinca Veche was one of my favorites). Even the endless walks in Sibiu and the places full of stories that we discovered. The Village Museum in Sibiu is the place where every Romanian should stop at least once in his lifetime. Here we spent the entire morning before the competition. It probably sent us its positive energy, which is why everything went so well.
Although this experience was more about us two having a mini vacation away from daily business, we found ourselves winning the third place in this fashion design competition. I selected some pictures of Decadence Collection presented at Be Creative Fashion Fest for you to see how it went. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Sometimes I like to let things follow their natural course as far as curiosity is concerned. This time it did me well.

So thank you Sibiu for showing us such a great time and having such talented people working in the fashion industry!

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